In December 2020, northern China enters the cold winter

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Yihua Xi'an Yihua Int. Trading Co.,Ltd. publish:2021-01-16 11:26:32  

In December 2020, northern China will enter the cold winter, and cows and dairy sheep will also enter the milking period. In New Zealand, which is located in the southern hemisphere, it is the season of spring with blossoming flowers and rich pastures, and it is also the milking period of the new season.

The first batch of import orders of Xi 'an International Trade and Logistics Zone Yihua Import and Export Co., Ltd. were successfully shipped from New Zealand through the verification of the Ministry of Primary Industry of New Zealand, bringing fresh and nutritious dairy products back to China for fresh supply to domestic consumers.

The imported products are full fat sheep milk powder, full fat sheep milk powder is only fresh sheep milk as raw material, after sterilization, concentration, dry made, no removal of any nutrients, also did not add any flavor or food additives, to ensure the natural, pure, fresh alcohol, nutrition of sheep milk; Protein averaged 30%, fat 33 percent, and lactose 25 percent.

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